Alkie Monk Drinking Club

AMDC is an NFT project created by a group of alcohol enthusiasts.

" knowledge is unlimited, 
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Mar 2022

Project Launch
  • 8/3 - Alkie Monk Drinking Club Website Launch (including public launch of Discord and official social media) 
  • 15/3 - Collaboration with local craft beer brewery “Foam Beer” to produce 1st Monks’ Choice Beer set
  • 21/3 – Production of 1st Monks’ Choice tasting set kick-started

Apr 2022

Press Release
  • 10/4 – Deployment of first smart contract
  • 15/4 – Project’s first appearance in press (HKEJ), startupbeat , and HK01
  • 19/4 – Article on Esquire HK
Real life events and Minting
  • 22/4 – First AMA together with Eddie Chui, Co - founder of Cru Magazine
  • 24/4 – First IRL event
    AMDC x TOMO 1 -on -1 NFT Workshop – first showcasing the demo of NFT implementation in real life usage
  • 30/4 – 1 st Phase Minting Start

May 2022

First Airdrop

June 2022

More events & airdrops
  • 4/6 – FREE holders only event – Ardbeg Day Pairing uncheon
  • 18/6 - 2nd AMDC Airdrop Buy-1- Get-1-Free beers at TOMO Tai Hang 
  • Exclusive event – AMDC x Ronny Lau Italian Wine Pairing Dinner at Pheromone
Monks' Choice & NFT Reveal

July 2022

  • 1/7 – 1 st Monks’ Choice Beer Tasting Set available; 3rd Airdrop for redemption of tasting set distributed to Alkie Monks
  • 9/7 – Monks’ Choice Tasting Event and available for sale in partnered retail store
  • 31/7 – NFT Reveal

Aug - Sep 2022

Events & AMDC Store
  • 3/8 – AMDC Online Store launched and went LIVE
  • 20/9 – AMDC Exclusive Whisky Tasting Event at Artisan Lounge K11 Musea
  • 28/9 – Gallery Launched

Oct - Dec 2022

Events & AMDC Store
  • 16/10 - ​4th Airdrop to redeem Buy-1-Get-1-Free Whisky at Artisan Lounge K11 Musea
  • 18/11 – Free event for Alkie Monks - Great Wines of Italy Hong Kong 2022 
  • 28/9 – Gallery Launch 
  • 20/12 – AMDC & Friends Pre-Xmas Dinner

2023 and beyond

Going International
  • Mar - Support fiat minting (powered by Crossmint)
  • Mar - 1st Monks Choice beer SOLD OUT
  • Apr - ​Being invited by TOKYO OTSUKA NFT FES 2023


Will there be any public mint?

To ensure the quality of the community, public mint is temporarily unavailable for the 1st Phase Minting.

How do I get whitelisted?

There are couple ways to get whitelisted

Join our discord, take part in our community actions to get on whitelist

I'm a youtuber, how do I get whitelist for my fans?

Please contact  along with your social media accounts.

How many NFTs are available?

Total NFT supply is 5,000. It will be sold in 3 minting phases. There will be 1,000 NFTs available in the 1st Phase.

What benefits do I get after becoming an Alkie Monk?
  • You will be able to join our exclusive tasting events and drinking activities.
  • You'll also able to access our member only store to redeem exclusive products and free drinks throught NFT airdrops.
  • Much more to come... stay tuned...
When is the 1st Phase Minting?

The 1st Phase Minting is scheduled in April 2022.

Why are there different minting phases? When will other minting phases happen?

We hope to protect NFT holders’ interests by limiting the supply. Different minting phases allow us time to observe the feedback. We can then decide how many NFTs are open for other minting phases. The next minting phase will happen after 1st Monks’ Choice event.

Our Team


Lead Developer


Strategy and Operations


NFT Artist


Legal Advisor


Business Development


Community Management


First phase :

Mint price :

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