NFT Artist - Fred


      Fred is a performance art artist, also a street artist and illustrator. Growing up in Hong Kong, Fred never stops going beyond his limitations by exploring new styles with his unique delivery of art creation through different means and media.

“Fred Fucks Everything”

      Fred’s one-and-only art publication - “Fred Fucks Everything” was published in 2018. It was a collection of his artworks from his age of 21 to 25 summarizing his life and emotion during the period. He burned all these original artworks after the book was published to symbolize this side of him being buried forever and move forward. At the same time, he shut down all his social media in relation to “Fred Fucks Everything” and created a new identity to disguise himself on social media so that he can create his arts freely in a totally different style. 

His Other Work

          ​Fred likes to combine his artworks with action to furnish his creation. He views the combination as a whole art piece to represent his emotion and concept of the creation; Be it burning the original artworks versus art book publishing, or being a street artist showcasing his handmade artworks to the public in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.